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Ant Plants

The Peonies are Blooming

Transmission Pictures

See the Beautiful Transmission

Transfer Case

Transmission Mounted 1

Transmission Mounted 2

Transmission Mounted 3

Transmission side of Drive shaft


Wish I could describe the sun reflecting off the trees, east of my house. I would take a picture, but it wouldn’t convey the look…

Transmission Update

Ben & Kevin have the tranny bolted to the engine. I’ll try to get some pictures in a later post


A face only a mother could love

Daisy & Toy

Daisy protecting her toy

Lovely Lilacs

They smell even better than they look. Gotta love Spring time

Lilac blooms

Wonderful Lilac Blooms

Truck is in Surgery

Ben has the truck up on four jack stands with the newly rebuilt (By Billy) transmission sitting on a jack, ready to be installed.

Transmission Front #2

Transmission Front #1

Transmission Front #1

Transmission Left #2

Transmission Left #2

Transmission Left #1

Transmission Left #1