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More Pond

Looks like the pond has doubled in size from the rain overnight. Hope the fish stay.


April Showers

Storms and heavy rain around here, makes for a moat and some flooding. Pictures to come.


Took this picture at 9:44 this morning. The forecast calls for snow with a high of 27 degrees F.

27 degrees F


The new year started with snow on the ground. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

March and Snow

A very nice light and fluffy, late-winter snow.

Picture of late winter snow

1st winter with house

Not only are we moved in and enjoying the mud and such, but winter has finally arrived, here at Wekandu Acres!

Picture with house and snow

Dogs and Snow

Dogs loving the snow
Dogs playing in the snow

Last Fire

With the impending move getting closer, I decided to burn some trash wood and such making for a wonderful-fall-fire.

Picture of burning wood.

Last Snow

I know I’m a little late with this one, but I had to put these pictures up depicting, what now I’m sure of, is the last snow of the season on April 11

1st snow

1st snow of the 2010-11 winter season.