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Took this picture at 9:44 this morning. The forecast calls for snow with a high of 27 degrees F.

27 degrees F


The new year started with snow on the ground. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Merry Christmas to everyone, and to everyone a good day and/or night!

Veteran’s Day

To all of you Veterans on this Veteran’s Day, I’m humbled by your service to this country…Thanks!!!

Blooming Cactus

The cacti are blooming, but the weeds aren’t
Blooming Cacti


Looks like we are going to have a bunch of frogs in the not too distant future. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tadpoles in the pond, very small right now. When they get bigger I’ll try taking a picture of them.

Actually, I was able to get a pretty good pic that same day.

Picture of tadples in my pond

Ducks & Fish

I have been seeing a pair of ducks swimming in the pond over the past few days. They seem to be very much at home, at least until the dogs scare them away. Also, I should be getting some blue gills to stock the pond in the next few days. I can hardly wait. And, I almost forgot, I saw a very small turtle trying to make its way across the pond. How cool is that?


First the dogs do some dirt grazing…

Picture of my dogs eating dirt

Then they wash it all down, and off, with some pond water.

Picture of my dogs coming out of the pond

March and Snow

A very nice light and fluffy, late-winter snow.

Picture of late winter snow

1st winter with house

Not only are we moved in and enjoying the mud and such, but winter has finally arrived, here at Wekandu Acres!

Picture with house and snow